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We are a technology-driven, essentials shopping and delivery service.

Chotcut is committing fully to building Africa’s top destination for shopping daily essentials with convenience for families, individuals and small businesses.

Meet Us.

Customers use the Chotcut website or app to shop for essentials from their favourite, local stores and Chotcut’s Pilots handpick the items and deliver them straight to the door of the customers or get ready for customer to pickup.

Our service add the human touch with technology to offer time and cost savings for our customers while affording local stores and retailers to connect to more audience for more sales.

Our Mission

To save people’s precious resources – time and money – with impressionable technology, people and processes.

Our Vision

To become Africa’s top destination for shopping essential needs.

Our Core Values

We are on a mission to revolutionize how essentials are shopped and our values define who we are as an organisation, our culture, and what every team member lives by.

We are obsessed with Customer happiness

We are trust reliant

We are timely always

We bring comfort

We simplify and innovate

Our Objectives

  1. To deliver more values and delights to our community.
  2. To foster better growth, experience and engagement in the way essentials are served across Africa.
  3. To build the foremost household essential shopping experience for all stakeholders.
  4. To become a platform of necessity and convenience for families and friends.
  5. Prioritise the health, safety and security of our entire community.

Social Impact.

Our social impact program is to serve. Chotcut Impacts aims to nourish our communities by helping to remove barriers to food accessibility and enriching lives through volunteering, essential donations, disaster relief and giving campaigns. We are committed to fighting food insecurity and responsible citizenship. #ChotcutImpacts