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Give boost to sales with Chotcut.

Chotcut Buddie Solution

Built for stores to succeed with their online efforts.

Chotcut is developed to reduce costs, improve profitability and accessibility of household essential stores in the city. Chotcut empowers stores called Buddies to grow their business, by offering on-demand delivery, reduced cost, data-driven insight and better in-store efficiency resulting in fast, convenient shopping experiences for everyone.

With Chotcut, your store gets to

Reach new customers with Chotcut

Reach more customers

Cost-effective way to reach new customers.

Increase brand awareness with Chotcut

Increase brand awareness

Use the power of network and our marketing tools to boost your online presence and credibility.

Grow off-premise sales with Chotcut

Grow off-premise sales

Gets increased order to boost your revenue.

Get a powerful logistics platform with Chotcut

Deliver to customer

Use our platform's built-in ordering, delivery and payment technology to offer amazing shopping experience.

Buddie Marketing Solutions



Attract new customers, create loyal regulars and improve in-app placements with promotions.


Gift Cards

Make it easy to shop for family and friends with special gift cards.


QR Code

Make it easy to shop with scannable QR Code to your stores and items.



Get sharable link of your storefront added to your website, emails or social channels.

Additional Revenue Streams



Bulk order, fulfill large order and corporate orders with our platform.



Push out expiring item faster, avoid wastes and losses with our intuitive Subsidy Section.

How to get started?

1 Signup

Partner with Chotcut and tell us about your store.

2 Setup

Upload prices for your products and schedule discounts.

3 Sell

Switch on your store, and start getting orders right away.

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