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Investor Relations.

Our service add the human touch with technology to offer time and cost savings for our communities. If this excites you, get in touch for partnership or investment.

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Why Invest in Chotcut.

We believe Chotcut is a highly attractive and growth investment. Here’s why:

Chotcut is a technology-driven, essentials shopping and delivery service. Our products and services add the human touch that technology needs to offer time and cost savings for individuals and families to shop for essentials. We are out to helping local stores to sell more and reach larger audience, thereby boosting economic activities in locations we operate.

Also, much has been said about the huge wastes and losses experienced by stores, individuals, families and small businesses. Chotcut is committing fully to building Africa’s top destination for shopping daily essentials with convenience for families, individuals and small businesses.

Attractive Long-term Industry Prospects.

With the world’s population expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050, essentials will be in high demand by people, pointing to increased essential needs demand. Demand for daily needs is also expected to grow, as people become increasingly busy and mobile.

Constantly Creating Business Opportunities.

Our platform addresses the challenges in global food security starting from Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation. This generates huge business opportunities for Chotcut as the country’s population is estimated to be about 250million by 2025. We facilitate how people get access to daily essential needs in timely and cost-friendly ways while fostering a trust-based community.

Social Impact.

Our social impact program is to serve. Chotcut Impacts aims to nourish our communities by helping to remove barriers to food accessibility and enriching lives through volunteering, essential donations, disaster relief and giving campaigns. We are committed to fighting food insecurity and responsible citizenship. #ChotcutImpacts

Growth and Expansion.

We have on-going growth and expansion plans, which will take us to important cities in the country before launching in other notable cities in Africa. We are poised to serve the rising Nigeria and Africa’s population with the best experiences while shopping essentials.