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Delivery & Return Policy

Guidelines for delivery of goods
  1. Kindly select a delivery date and time that fits your availability at your chosen delivery location.
  2. All customers will usually receive a phone call before their deliveries are attempted. If the customer's phone is switched off or unreachable during that time, delivery will be postponed based on our discretion.
  3. For customers living in gated communities or estates, kindly note that if commercial vehicles or delivery agents cannot enter your location, you might need to collect at your estate gate.
  4. Repeat deliveries will attract fresh delivery charges.

Guidelines for returning of goods
  1. There shall be NO RETURNS on fresh products/items except for the unlikely event that the product is damaged, tampered with, or not consumable.
  2. Returns shall also be possible for fresh products/items if the product received differs from the information in the product description.
  3. We only refund cash by transfer in the unlikely cases of missing items, switcheroos or damaged inventory. Chotcut will not be liable to refund through physical movement of goods.
  4. Refunds shall be processed within 24 hours.
  5. The customer shall contact customer service ONLY either through our chat platform or by phone +2349090002468 to discuss issues or returns.
  6. Delivery personnel shall not wait for customers to check orders before they leave. All complaints should go to customer service ONLY.